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- Food-
>> DFW Restaurants <<
Food Network
Food Timeline

Pampered Chef

Restaurant Locator
"Taste of Home" Recipes


 - Fun -
April Fools - Top 100

Easter Eggs

Movie Locator

Oliver the Chatterbot
Puremco Dominoes

Radio Locator

Reality Show News

Regifting Robin
Shaman - Magic!
She Bangs! - William Hung's website

Those were the days..
Time Capsule

Yamaha Paper Crafts

- Government -
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
(New!) County Office Lookup
Dallas City Hall

IRS Forms
Official U.S. Time

Texas Wildlife Services

Texas Workforce Commision
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Mint

Voter Registration

- Information -
Area code.org
Area Code Lookup
Find Best Places to Live
Gibson Research
HIPAA Information

Housekeeping Channel
How to call abroad
How Stuff Works

How to wire a 3-way light switch

Info Service
Internet Open Records

Julian Date Conversion

Kelley Blue Book Car Prices

Local News

Material Safety Data Sheets - Where to find
National Archives

Neighborhood Finder

Newspapers Nationwide

Official U.S. Time

Online Automobile Diagnostics

Sacred Text Archives

Satellite images from USGS
Sunrise/Sunset Times
Texas Marriages Search Engine

Who makes what tools

World Fact Book CIA


Zip + 4 Lookup

- Microsoft -
5 ways to speed up your computer
Contact Microsoft

Internet Exp. 8.0 Upgrade Page
Microsoft Homepage
Microsoft Knowledge Base

Microsoft Support page
Upgrade to Windows XP

Windows Catalog
Windows Update

Windows XP System Restore

- Misc -
84,000 links
All My Favs | Why Search
Better Bus. Bureau - Dallas

$$ Cash for Cell Phones $$
Did you know?
First Monday - Canton

Official U.S. Time
Memorial Day
On-Line Gift Certificates
Registered Paint Horses
Stanley Tools
Sunset/Sunrise Times for Any City

Texas Best
Translate Text

Underground Shopper

- Outdoors-
Big Crappie.com (Chuck Rollins)
Texas Lakes
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Trophy Hunters
Texas Wildlife Services

- Science -
Official U.S. Time
Satellite images from USGS

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
U.S. Naval Observatory

- Technology -
4 ways to speed up your computer
Assistive Mouse Adapter (for pt's with tremors)

Brother MFC Printers
Cookies FAQ
Computer Recycling

Copyright Your Website

Data Wiring

Dell Computers

DirectCD Drive Compatability

Disk Eraser

DSL Speed Test

eCost Online Computers & Parts

Free Dynamic DNS

Free DNS Updater Client
Fry's Online

Image Size Calculator
Networking 101
Official U.S. Time
People PC Online (cheap dialup internet access)

Phone Wiring

Product Recommendations

Quickbooks password removal
Quickbooks - determine last version used to open file
Rugged Laptops
Rugged Notebooks

Roxio DirectCD Drive Compatability
Satellite Broadband

SBC Email Settings

Weatherbug is adware

Website Design

What is my IP?

Win XP System Restore

- Travel -
Airport Delays
Bed & Breakfasts Online
DFW Airport
Enchanted Rock

Flight Delays

Tx. Road Conditions
Weather Forecast

- Virus -
AVG Antivirus
AVG Free Home Antivirus
AVG Virus Encyclopedia

McAfee Homepage
McAfee Virus Def. Updates

McAfee Online Virus Scan
Microsoft Security Essentials
Norton Personal Firewall
Norton Virus Definition Updates
Norton Virus Search

Norton Virus Removal Tools

Norton Online Virus Scan

REMOVE Norton AV 2003-2007 AND ALL Norton Products

- Weather -
Weather forecast for your area
N. Tx. Weather Radar
Weather Channel
Weather Tools

Weather Watcher (download)

Ph: 214-773-7377