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Rev: 03/02/2009

PC Tools Free Antivirus

I have found a very good antivirus program that is totally free for use at home OR office! (The free versions of AVG or Avast are only free to use at home, but not for commercial use). The free  download is less than 25 megabytes and it installs in just minutes. Click here to download the program now.



If you are looking for simple, cost effective way to protect your computer or network from viruses, spam, hackers, etc., you should take a look at AVG by Grisoft.  They offer a wide variety of products from home pc protection all the way up to server systems with many workstations and all of their products are available for immediate download and installation, or you can purchase the retail package either on line or from any of several major retailers. They also offer one of the best pricing structures in the industry: a 1 year subscription for a single pc to run the standard antivirus software is $34.99 (as of the date of this publication; be sure to check for current pricing before you buy).

Grisoft offers a variety of products including antivirus, firewall, spam blocker, anti-spyware, etc. You can refer to the abbreviated list of products below to make your selection or you can visit the Grisoft homepage to see a comprehensive list of all their products. If you decide to make an online purchase, please be sure to enter a valid email address since your activation code will arrive by email.  You can install and run the program without the code, but only for 2 weeks.  If you prefer to try the product before you buy, simply download and install the trial version.  It will be a fully functional program with a 30 day time limit. Grisoft also offers a free version for use at your home.  It is a fully functional anti-virus program but does not include protection from spam, etc.


Type of Protection

>>>> Basic Antivirus <<<<

Antivirus only (least expensive)

Antivirus Multi-User

For multiple licenses

AVG Internet Security

Anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, firewall

Free home version

Free anti-virus or anti-spyware for home use

Trial versions

30 day free trial (all versions available)

File Server version

for small or large networks

Server version

for windows domain controllers

- PC Tools Free Antivirus -

Free for use at home or office!

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