Custom Leather Accessories

Camera Cases

These cases can be custom fitted for most any camera or similar device you carry. And initials or character stamps can be added in almost any color. They are hand stitched with wax coated heavy duty nylon thread for many years of use. The belt clip can be made from formed leather or spring steel.

Unlike a cell phone which can often be allowed to stick out the top of the case so it is easier to remove, most cameras have lots of sensitive switches, buttons and knobs that must be protected, so the leather should protect them all. To make it easy to remove, I cut a small oval slot at the bottom which can be used to easily slide the camera up and out of the case with one hand.

In order to make a custom case for your camera, I will need to have the camera on hand for at least 24 hours in order to mold the leather for a perfect fit as demonstrated in these pictures. Your camera will not be harmed. Click here if you would like to see samples of this process.


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