Custom Leather Accessories
- Belt Loop Options

If your accessory is to be worn on your belt, the style and size of the belt loop is very important. The style that will have the least wear and tear on your belt is the leather loop. However, you must remove your belt in order to remove or install the accessory to your belt. The metal clip is much more convenient since you simply spread it slightly and attached it to your belt, but it will, over time, begin to wear on your belt finish since it is metal against leather. Plastic spring clip loops are even more convenient, but are the least reliable and will break very easily and cannot be replaced on my accessories since they are both sewn and glued for maximum strength.  

These nickel plated metal loops can also be ordered in black.

Leather loops are less convenient, but are much easier on your belt.

Plastic spring clips are the most convenient, but are also the most fragile.
And since mine are both sewn in and glued, they are usually not replaceable.

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