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If you are ready to order a new computer, completing this form will not only save time, but help to be sure you receive a computer that will meet your needs completely at the lowest possible cost to you. Please DO NOT include any credit card information. I will contact you personally for that after you have approved the recommendations.

If you need more urgent assistance, please call this number:

We recommend only Dell computers for many reasons. Click here for details.

Click here to read my general recommendation for your new PC purchase.

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Your Name:
Your Email Address:
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Company Name:
What type of computer do you need? Laptop
Is a Dell computer ok? Yes
What is the maximum amount of
money you are willing to spend?

How many computers do you need?
Do you need dual monitor capability? No
What size monitor(s) do you want?
How much memory do you require? 1 gig
2 gig
3 gig
4 gig
More than 4 gig
How large a hard disk drive do you need?
Do you want one or two optical drives? One
Windows XP or Vista? Windows XP
What will this computer be used for primarily?
List any special software you will be installing
 (i.e. Autocad, Medisoft, Lytec, etc.)

How old is the printer you will be using?
If the printer USB capable? Yes
I'm not sure
Do you need a wireless network card installed? No
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