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- Why buy a Dell computer? -

First, you can be sure that Dell’s tech support is no better and no worse than anyone else’s support. If your computer breaks down, you will probably be on the phone with someone named George whom you cannot understand for 2 or 3 hours….

But Dell’s prices are quite often very much lower than anyone else's price for the same type of system. They run specials on a regular basis that will enable you to purchase a very fast system (not using a Celeron processor) including a flat panel monitor for well under $500! And Dell is one of the only computers you can order new with Windows XP Professional operating system installed by the factory. And you can place your order online without talking to anyone on the telephone. The online ordering process allows you to customize your computer exactly the way you want it and it is very simple to track your order throughout the manufacturing and delivery process.

As for reliability, I have dealt with literally thousands of different computers of every make and model during my career and nothing can compare to a Dell for reliability. That is not to say you will never get a bad one out of the box or that they will never break down....those things simply happen much less often with a Dell computer. If it does break, all new Dell computers come automatically with at least one year of next business day on site support. If your computer breaks during this warranty period, you (or I) will call Dell and they will troubleshoot the problem over the phone. (Since this sometimes takes an hour or longer, you might want to consider having me come by and take care of it for you.) Once the defective component has been identified, a replacement part will be sent to you overnight if you are willing to install it yourself, or a Dell service tech will arrive the next day with the part in hand to perform the installation for you.

One of the most important factors to consider is how easy it is to restore your computer to its original factory state. Why is that important? Simply using a computer causes system degredation on a daily basis. Programs that you install and then remove will always leave fragments behind that will slow down your system. Once a program has malfunctioned and erroneously left a pagefile (memory) tied up, many programs you use in the future will be negatively affected by that error.  Defragmenting your hard drive does nothing to resolve this issue since it has nothing to do with your data storage drive, but only pertains to your pagefile memory. In addition, you may have been affected by any of several thousands of varieties of malware, spyware, viruses, trojans, etc. that could be affecting your system performance. This can be prevented by installing adequate antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, anti – everything software on your computer, but this will only be effective if you install, activate and update the protection software the very minute your turn on your brand new computer and you always keep your subscriptions up to date and they are set to scan your entire computer every night.

I recommend that you reformat your hard drive and reinstall your operating system every 18 months, if not more often. I do this with my computers every 6 months, no matter what (and more often for my laptops that I use in the field). And this is where Dell leads the pack…..and no other computer company comes close when you consider the operating system reinstall process. And here is why:

  1. Your Dell computer operating system can be totally reinstalled using one disk (and I have several copies of it in my shop!).
  2. All Dell computers use the very same restore disk, whether it is a desktop or laptop computer. Servers are the only exception to this.
  3. The various device drivers for your specific Dell computer are stored on your hard drive and are also quickly available from the Dell website if your hard drive is not readable.
  4. Every other manufacturer, including HP, Compaq, Gateway, Toshiba, EMachines, Sony, Fujitsu, etc. have a restore process that is available on either a hidden partition on the hard drive or contained on one or more CD’s. However, if that hidden partition if not accessible or the CD’s cannot be located, the restore process can be very difficult.

So, simplify your life and consider purchasing a Dell computer for your home or office.

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