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All SD Cards are Not all the same!!
And its not just the storage capacity that sets them apart...
(Published 11/26/2012)
Most of us are using digital devices that store data and images on SD (Secure Digital) cards. The SD card has evolved over the past couple of years as the preferred format due to its lower cost and smaller size as compared to compact flash, etc. Most laptops or netbooks you purchase today come with a built in SD card reader. Even if you purchase a micro SD card, it will usually come with an adapter that will allow the micro card to be read in any standard SD card reader.
But you may not know that there is more than storage capacity that sets the better SD cards apart from the cheaper ones....and the difference could be important as you begin to use larger capacity cards! The key word here is "Class". If you look at the image above, you will see the letter "C" with a number in the center. In this case, it is the number 2. That means that SD card is a Class 2 card which will read and transfer data at about 2 megabytes per second. The fastest SD cards available for standard computers is the Class 10 card, transferring data at about 10 mb per second. It will display a similar "C" on the label with the number 10 in it.

 If you take lots of pictures or videos and often transfer them to your computer, you will appreciate the much faster speed of the Class 10 cards. You will often find the Class 2 or 4 cards on sale for much less than you would expect to pay, and the ads will often not make it clear that you are purchasing a much slower card. So be careful and look for the "C" with the number 10 in it to be sure you get the fastest transfer of you images that is possible....
And if your digital data requirements are even greater, you can purchase newer equipment that will transfer the data even faster!

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