Custom Lock Boxes
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These beautiful boxes are designed to be used in your home or office to keep your items private and decrease the probability of theft. Sure, you keep your expensive jewelry and guns in a very expensive safe, but how about the "costume jewelry" that could add up to hundreds of dollars? How about the loaded pistol you keep in your bedside table? When you have company coming or the exterminator or maid will be in your house, wouldn't it be nice to be able to protect your private items without having to move everything into the safe? These boxes are designed to do just that! The hidden lock can be disabled by simply pressing a button so you can access its contents on a daily basis by simply lifting the lid. When company comes, simply press the button to activate the lock and it can only be opened by using the magnetic key that is either hidden or on your keyring. Of course someone could steal the box but you would notice that right away...or you can actually screw the box to the top of a table or directly into the wall. And we can produce a box of any size using a lid you may have, as long as it is not make of glass or metal. We also make small end tables, bedside tables, etc. with the box hidden in the top.

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