Custom Leather Accessories

All items are guaranteed for life against defects in materials or workmanship, and any item I sell to a
peace officer is guaranteed for life no matter how it is damaged! And I will re-dye and refinish the item any
time you need it at no charge to you. If it simply wears out due to daily use, I will replace it at little or no charge.
If you decide to change the item you were using when you purchased you holster from me, I will make a new
holder for the new item at 25 - 50% discount.

Streamlight Stinger Flashlight Holster
with 2.25" Police Duty Belt Loop

This holster can be made with black stitching.
The belt loop on the back can also be sewn in with heavy leather
as pictured below or a gun holster style metal clasp is available.
Patent leather finish is NOT available.
This holster can be made custom fit any flashlight you choose. Most of the flashlight
sheaths I make have the top opening flared slightly to make it easier to insert the light.


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