Custom Leather Accessories

- Double Magazine Pouch, Hand Stitched -


Please note: these pouches are all hand stitched and they all contain nearly 3 feet of stitching! We use only heavy duty waxed thread that is guaranteed not to break or wear. Cutting a stitch line, punching the stitching holes and actually saddle stitching the leather together takes an average of 3 minutes per inch! This step alone takes almost 90 minutes on a double pouch, so don't expect to find a $40 magazine pouch here! Pouches in that price range can be found at the big sporting goods stores or on line, and they will be machine stitched with light weight cotton thread and will probably be imported. Ours are custom made to fit your magazines perfectly and can be finished in any color or style you prefer. The belt clips can be leather pancake style as pictured below, or you can order heavy duty metal holster clips or leather belt loops instead. The pouches can also be monogrammed with your initials and/or tooled with traditional basket weave design, etc. The pouches are constructed and finished using the very same process we use when making our custom holsters. (Click here for more details)

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