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BCC (blind carbon copy) is a very useful part of almost every email program, but many people either don't know how to use it or don't understand how important it is for protecting our privacy! I receive emails every day that list all the email addresses of all the people who received that email, including mine. I often receive emails that have been forwarded so many times they contain dozens and dozens of email addresses. If I forward that email to lots of people without cleaning it up and using bcc, I add my email address and yours to the list. If even one of the persons whose email address is included on the email does not have sufficient spam and virus protection, ALL the email addresses will be added to virus and spammer databases! If that email contains information about a baseball joke, for instance, you might find your inbox flooded with spam about baseball, even if you hate baseball!
If you don't use bcc, then everyone you send the email to has everyone else's email address. So, you are only sending it to close family members, so that's not really an issue. Or is it? What if your brother has a friend who has a brother who has a friend who is a terrorist? And they all forward your email until it reaches the terrorist without using bcc? The terrorist now has an email in his inbox with your email address on it! And did you know that every email you forward without using bcc contains not only your public IP address, but also that of every person who forwarded it before you did? Why does that matter? Just like a reverse phone number lookup which will give you the physical address of a phone number, you can use free software to obtain the physical address of almost any public IP address! So now that terrorist might even know where you live! And so does every other person who received that email (if they choose to look it up)!! Believe it or not, "there's an app for that"!! And its free!
If you have ever received an email from me that was not a personal email, you will notice it was addressed to you only. In reality, it was probably sent to as many as 1,000 other people! If I send you a personal email, it will contain your name in the body of the email and its contents will be specific to you only.
You only need to create a new person in your contact list that is labeled something like "Recipients" and enter your own email address for that contact. Then enter that email address in the "To:" field, then enter everyone else in the bcc field to make this work. That's all it takes to help protect the privacy of all your family, friends and associates.....and they will appreciate it without even knowing it!

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