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- Brother PT 1230CP Label Printer -
If you only print an occasional label, the small hand held label maker you are probably using will work fine, but if you print labels frequently, you might want to consider the Brother PC connected label printer pictured above. It is totally portable and requires no software. Simply plug it into any pc and start printing labels immediately. Here is the description from the Brother website:
"Innovative, PC-Connectable label maker requires no software installation. Easy to use and share, the PT-1230PC is great for labeling file folders, storage containers, and much more. Conveniently design durable, laminated labels up to ˝” wide using your PC keyboard and monitor. Print exactly what you see on your screen! When finished, simply turn your labeler off. No software is left behind on your PC. Perfect for home or home office labeling needs.
  • No software installation required - Just attach via USB to your PC to start
  • Use your keyboard and PC monitor to create labels - Print exactly what you see on screen!
  • Prints on four different label widths, up to ˝” wide (laminated)
  • Prints multiple lines of text and graphics
  • Compact, with built-in manual cutter
  • Supports PC USB Connectivity (cable included)
  • Compatible with Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, and Windows Vista®
  • Secure operation – When finished, simply turn it off and unplug. No software is left behind!
  • Uses 6 "AAA" batteries or AD-24 adapter (not included)
  • Barcoding and database printing available with download of full version
    of P-touch® Editor Software at Brother Solutions Center (
  • Great for labeling file folders, boxes, CD spines and much more"

I carry one in my vehicle and use it on site frequently, so feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Click here to visit the Brother website now.

or find it at: 

Staples ($49.99 - 30 = $19.99)

Office Depot ($79)

Office Max ($49.99 -10 = $39.99)

(note: prices were posted as of 03-15-10 and are subject to change)


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