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- Laser Notebook Mouse -

Logitech V450 Nano

If you are in the market for a high quality wireless mouse for your notebook (or desktop), you should check out the Logitech laser mouse pictured above. Here is a list of the reasons you should consider this mouse:

  1. The laser mouse will work without a mouse pad on almost every surface other than a clear glass coffee table.

  2. The 2 double A batteries will last up to one year.

  3. And the best feature, in my opinion, is the very small receiver (see picture below). It will only protrude about 1/4" when connected to the USB port on your notebook, so it can stay plugged in even when you are not using the computer. And when you are ready to use the mouse, it turns on automatically!

On the left is a standard USB cordless mouse receiver
with the smaller Nano receiver pictured in the center

At around $50, it is a little more expensive than other models, but it is well worth the investment!

For more information, click here to visit the Logitech website..


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