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Panasonic KX-TG295

If you are like most of us, you have begun to migrate to "cell phone only" and you no longer even have a land line in your home. But that creates a very inconvenient environment where you were accustomed to having several phones located conveniently throughout your home. Now you have to carry your cell phone all over the house. And if you forget to take it with you, it will ring and you have to make a mad dash to answer  it!

I have found an inexpensive solution to the problem that will take about 15 minutes to setup. The Panasonic phone set pictured above costs less than $100 and can be quickly configured to connect to a maximum of two separate cell phones via bluetooth. Once the two phones are connected and you have selected your ring options, etc., all the phones will ring when either of the cell phones receive an incoming call. And you can configure the phones (iPhone only) to use the same ringtone that is used by that phone and then announce the caller's name. Your entire phone book can also be automatically uploaded to the phone system if you wish to do so.

And, if you still do have a land line, you can connect it to the base unit and all the phones will have access to the analog dial tone just like any other phone system. It also has a very simple answering machine where land line callers can leave messages. As an added bonus, the rechargeable batteries in the hand sets are common AAA rechargeable batteries, easily available almost anywhere you can buy batteries.

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