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- PC Recovery Form -

 If your computer needs to be rebuilt (reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows and all drivers, programs, etc.), you will need to complete this form to authorize the process and provide us with the information necessary to restore your computer.

If you need more urgent assistance, please call this number:

- Terms and Conditions -

You are requesting that we modify the contents of your hard disk drive i.e., reinstall your operating system on your existing drive or copy your data to a different disk drive and it is important that you understand the potential risk of data loss if you do not personally perform a complete, successful backup of all your data prior to beginning this process. It is very important that you perform a complete backup of all your data and keep it in a safe place. We can only guarantee that your computer will operate at least as well as it did when it was new unless there are hardware problems, but we cannot guarantee all the software you installed after purchasing your system will perform exactly as it did prior to the upgrade, nor can we guarantee no data will be lost! By pressing the "Submit" button, you are accepting full responsibility for the loss of any data that may be destroyed or lost during this process and you agree to relieve Kendrick Information Technologies and its associates of any responsibility for such loss. If you would like more specific information about this process, click this link.


Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Your phone #:
Computer description:
Do you have the original
system recovery disks?
What data do we need to backup?

Please note! If you ask us to backup something and we cannot locate it on your computer, we will contact you to verify it is actually necessary to archive that data. If we determine that data does not actually exist on your computer, you will be required to submit a revised authorization form before your system restore process can be completed! This could cause a significant delay in your recovery process, so select the items carefully!

Outlook Express emails
Address book
Outlook Express email account
My Documents
My Pictures
My Music
My Favorites
Firefox bookmarks
Quickbooks data
Quicken data
Other (list each additional item in the next field)

Please list any additional items that need
to be backed up that were not listed above:

(Please see the cautionary note above!)

Describe the problem with your PC:
Additional notes / comments:
What program do you use
 to check your email?
Outlook Express
Windows Mail (Vista only)
Online (i.e., Yahoo, AOL, etc.)
Other (specify in next field)

If your email client is not listed above,
what program do you use to check email?

Do you accept our terms and
conditions as listed above?

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